Peshawar To Kabul

PIA is the only airline that offers both direct and connecting flight from Peshawar to Kabul. There is one flight available per week. Flight duration on this route is just 1h 5m. other than PIA there are many other airlines including Emirates, Gulf Air and Qatar airways that can fly to Kabul staying at Dubai, Bahrain or Doha making this short flight longer up to more than 4 hours.

PIA Kabul Rs.40511
EMIRATES Kabul Rs.120750

Quick Tips on Flights to Kabul

Kabul is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan. Kabul has a great history. This city has been capital of many empires for hundreds of years. Timor, Mughals and many other significant regimes have their connections with this amazing city. You can find your suitable flight to Kabul after checking the Flight schedule from Peshawar as fares of flights vary according to the flight time.

Kabul was almost devastated after the 9/11 but now it has re-established to a greater extent. Once you are done with your passport visa and other legal formalities you are all set to Kabul. As there are only a few airlines operating between Karachi and Kabul but still you can make your choice as per your budget and schedule. If you are in a hurry and want to reach Kabul as early as possible enjoying some luxurious flight experience then PIA is the perfect choice for you to fly with. But if time is none of your concern and you want to get a cheap flight from Peshawar to Kabul you may go for either of Gulf air, Emirates or Qatar Airways. All these airlines can fly you to Kabul but with a stay in Bahrain, Dubai or Doha.
Time difference between Peshawar and Kabul is -30 min as Peshawar is included in time zone +5 while Kabul lies in time zone +4:30. So in simple words you can say that Kabul is 30 min behind from Peshawar. 
Kabul Museum, Gardens of Babar, Kabul Zoo, ARG citadel, Kabul Balahisar and Sherpur Mosque are some the most noticeable places in Kabul that you must visit. 


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Peshawar To Kabul


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