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Two airlines companies offers direct as well as stopover flights from Lahore to Tokyo. These two airlines companies are named as Pakistan International Airlines and Thai Airways. All these international flights take-off from Allama Iqbal International airport. The maximum time of flight for reaching Tokyo from Lahore is approximately ten hours (10hrs). However the time of stopover flight depends on the stay of flight in the other country. Bangkok and Beijing is considered as the most popular connection between the cities of two countries Lahore and Tokyo. Twelve Flights take-off from Lahore for Tokyo in the entire week. Online flight booking from Lahore to Tokyo here.


EMIRATES Tokyo Rs.135069
PIA Tokyo Rs.116328
Qatar Airways Tokyo Rs.148164
Thai Air Tokyo Rs.160489

Quick Tips on Flights to Tokyo

Tokyo is a spectacular blend of fresh lodging and old-twisted behaviors, slick high-tech implements and cutesy cartoon mascots. It is offensively swarming, yet can be extraordinarily calm. It is home to the understated, and the weird, and you often find them right next to each other on the sidewalk. That's the beauty of this not-so-pretty town that, and the fabulous food and unparalleled mass transit scheme. There are shrines and stone lights and other finds of old Japan dispersed amidst the skyscrapers, swanky buying malls and hole-in-the-wall noodle shops. The trick is to testing it all, to visit the serene garden and the massive agency tower with an atmosphere deck.

The sites of Tokyo are comprehensive, but most visitors enjoy Asakusa for its temples as well as the Imperial Palace located in Chyoda. The Harajuku locality is home to the very old Meiji Shrine, another popular affinity. People who are interested in the built-up localities of Tokyo may enjoy the many museums in Ueno as well as the Roppongi high grounds and the Rainbow Bridge. There are numerous tours suggested that focus on both classic and up to date Tokyo, so a tourist can see both edges of this amazing town.

Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Ginza are the prime areas of interest for persons who like shopping. They furthermore have an allotment to offer for the nightlife. Shinjuku has a wide variety of dining and amusement venues. The Shibuya locality caters to the junior crowd, and it is close to the major buying localities of Harajuku and Omotesando.

Tokyo is furthermore one of the most varied towns when it comes to cuisine. You can find any thing to consume just about anywhere you go in Tokyo. numerous shopping centers offer cafés and diners interior their shops so you will not ever proceed hungry and you will never get uninterested while travelling to this wondrous city.

Tokyo Airport:

Tokyo International aerodrome commonly renowned as Haneda aerodrome or Tokyo Haneda aerodrome, is one of the two primary aerodromes that assist the larger Tokyo Area, and is the prime base of Japan's two foremost household airlines, Japan Airline in terminal one and All Nippon Airways in terminal two, as well as low-cost carriers Air Do, Skymark Airlines, Skynet Asia Airways, and StarFlyer. It is located in Ota in south of Tokyo position. Haneda was the prime international aerodrome serving Tokyo until 1978; from 1978 to 2010, Haneda handled almost all household air travel to and from Tokyo, while Narita International Airport managed the huge most of international flights.


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Lahore To Tokyo


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