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Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Turkish, Emirates airways, Etihad and Qatar airways are the Airlines that can fly you from Lahore to Paris and among all of them PIA has the least flight time of 10h 25 min travelling the distance of 6187.5 Kilometers. Find the flights from Lahore to Paris here. All the flights take off from Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore and lands in the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. To find out your desired flight check complete flight schedule from Lahore to Paris at

Thai Air Paris Rs.187692
Qatar Airways Paris Rs.91332
Oman Air Paris Rs.86468
EMIRATES Paris Rs.95700
FINAIR Paris Rs.51415
PIA Paris Rs.87438
ETHIAD Paris Rs.89248
Saudi Arabian Airlines Paris Rs.29132
GULF AIR Paris Rs.113894

Quick Tips on Flights to Paris

Paris-the city of fragrance is not far away from you any further if you are done with your passport, visa and other formalities. You can plan your trip according to your will and budget as there are different fare packages available for you offered by different air lines. Choice of airline depends on your trip schedule and budget. While flying from Lahore you have four different airlines including Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Turkish, Emirates airways, and Etihad and Qatar airways. You can fly with any of them as per your suitable timings and fare. If you have no issues regarding fare your first priority should be PIA as it offers high quality luxurious services and minimal flight time but usually at a relatively higher fare. If time is not a concern for you and you want to enjoy your journey you may flight with any of the airlines mentioned above. In order to plan your trip easily and book yourself a cheap flight from Lahore to Paris just log on to  

The time difference between Lahore and Paris is -3 hour as time zone of Lahore is GMT +5 and that of Paris is GMT +2. Currency of Paris is Euro and French Franc. While flying to Paris you must realize that Paris situated in Western Europe and like other cities in this region its weather is quite cold in winters but a bit hot in summers as well. As French is the national language of France the most spoken language in Paris is French and one might find it difficult to communicate if he’s totally unfamiliar with French.

Paris-the capital city of France is no doubt the city of fragrance, colors and glamour. With all of its modernism and newness it also gives you a glimpse of ancient France along with the many other significant aspects that one just cannot miss to admire. Among all of them Eifel Tower is probably the most prominent and popular one. If you go to Paris and don’t visit Eifel Tower it means you’ve never been there. Another worth seeing place is The Louvre that is one of the world’s largest museums and a historic monument as well but the most popular thing in The Louvre is Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. If you want to see a reflection of old and ancient France you must visit Notre-Dame Cathedral which is a historic Catholic cathedral and depicts the religious attachment of ancient French. If you want to make your visit to Paris an unforgettable one you must also visit The Arc de Triomphe, The Musée d'Orsay, The Avenue des Champs-Élysées, The Basilica of Sacré-Cœur, Centre Georges Pompidou. 



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Lahore To Paris


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