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Allama Iqbal International airport is considered as the second largest airport in Pakistan which is playing its clerical role in providing domestic and International flights. At this time four airlines companies are offering flights from Lahore to Muscat. These airlines companies are Shaheen airlines, Air blue, Oman air and Pakistan International airlines (PIA). The companies are providing direct flights for Muscat as well as stopover flights. The direct flights from Lahore to Muscat might take approximate three hours and two minutes (3hrs and 2mins) for reaching whereas the time of arrival of stopover flight is different. Every week seventeen (17) flights take-off from Lahore to Muscat of different airlines companies. Dubai (UAE) is considered as the best connection for stay between Lahore and Muscat. Check out flight schedule from Lahore to Muscat at

AIR BLUE Muscat Rs.35994
FINAIR Muscat Rs.43119
EMIRATES Muscat Rs.65257
ETHIAD Muscat Rs.66715
GULF AIR Muscat Rs.48369
PIA Muscat Rs.42496
Shaheen Muscat Rs.43280

Quick Tips on Flights to Muscat

Muscat is the capital of Oman and also considered as the beautiful city of the country. Every year a large number of tourists attracts towards the city or country to spend their vacation and to enjoy its beauty. Many people visit Muscat mostly between the month December and April, because the climate is hot and humid during summer but warm in winters. There are also wide ranges of outstanding landmarks including churches, mosques and museums that attract the visitors towards them who visit Muscat or Oman during their vacations. Amazingly, Muscat is not very dusty at all so the hues are vivid and brilliant and due to items of rain and water from the high-lying mountainous areas it is also rather greenish. 

Departure and Arrival of Muscat Flights:     

Flight from Lahore to Muscat take-off from Allama Iqbal International airport, Lahore and will arrive at Seeb Airport, Muscat. The Muscat airport is the largest airport in Oman and also known as the main hub of national airways Oman air. At this time the airport has only one terminal for the passengers, whereas the other terminal is under construction and will be completed this year (2014). The new terminal will have the capacity of twelve million passengers in the whole year. Find all the cheap flights from Lahore to Muscat at which is the leading online booking site in Pakistan giving you an ease to travel at cheap fares



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Lahore To Muscat


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