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Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is the only airline company which operates between Lahore and Multan by providing the flights for Multan. However Islamabad is considered as the most famous connection for a stopover flight between Lahore and Multan. Approximately one hour and five minutes (1hr and 5mins) are required for reaching Multan from Lahore through direct flight. Maximum eight flights take-off from Lahore for Multan in the entire week. Find flight schedule from Lahore to Multan at



PIA Multan Rs.14556

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Multan is a city in the Multan locality, of Punjab Province, Pakistan. It is Pakistan's fifth largest town by community. The city is established on the banks of the Chenab River in the geographic center of the homeland. Multan is known as the town of Sufis or town of Saints and Madinat-ul-Auliya because of the large number of shrines and Sufi saints from the town. The city is blanketed with bazaars, mosques, shrines, and ornate tombs. It is the birthplace of Fariduddin Ganjshakar, recognized as the first foremost bard of the Punjabi dialect. Plan your tripwith

Multan is established in a bend created by five streams of centered Pakistan. The Sutlej River divides it from Bahawalpur and the Chenab River from Muzaffar Garh. The city has grown to become an influential political and economic center for the homeland, with a dry dock and excellent Trans dock links. Multan is well known for its plantings: wheat, cotton, sugar cane, mangoes, citrus, guavas, and pomegranates. The International airport of Multan is known as Muhammad bin Qasim International Airport which is basically ten kilometers away from the center of Multan. The airport of Multan is not so large as compared to the other airports of Pakistan. The airport is basically working for the people of Multan, Vehari, Khanewal, Sahiwal, Muzzafargarh, and Rajanpur.    

How to Get There:

If you want to travel to Multan from the nearer city then you might travel by car or by bus, but if you have to travel from the far-off city to Multan like you have to travel from Lahore to Multan then you also have the facility of travelling by plane. The flights from Lahore take-off from Allama Iqbal International Airport. The airport is one of the largest airport in Pakistan and famous for the departure and arrival of domestic as well as International. The Airport has three terminals for the travellers.


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Lahore To Multan


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