Lahore To Manchester

Every week three (3) flights take-off from Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore for Manchester. The flights from Lahore for Manchester arrived at International Airport of Manchester. The Manchester airport is considered as the third busiest airport in United Kingdom and the twenty-first busiest airport in Europe. The direct flight from Lahore takes approximate ten hours and fifteen minutes (10hrs and 15mins) for its arrival at Manchester International Airport. Two airlines companies Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Albuquerque Airlines operate between Lahore (Lhe) and Manchester (Man). The time of stopover flight from Lahore to Manchester depends upon its stay. The flights for Manchester or for other countries from Lahore depart from Allama Iqbal International Airport. 


FINAIR Manchester Rs.89796
EMIRATES Manchester Rs.101089
ETHIAD Manchester Rs.109469
Qatar Airways Manchester Rs.106815
PIA Manchester Rs.93557
Saudi Arabian Airlines Manchester Rs.37141

Quick Tips on Flights to Manchester

Manchester is graded as a Beta World Town by the globalization and world towns Research network as well. The town is notable for its architecture, heritage, melodies scene, newspaper links, technical and engineering yields, communal impact and fair connections. Here are many sports club in the city which bear the town title include premier association football groups, Manchester city and the Manchester United. There are also many stunning attractions to watch in Manchester. Some of these are Whitworth Art Gallery, Godlee Observatory, The Lowry, Imperial war Museum North and national Football Museum. The city is also well-known because of its gorgeous weather. Manchester experiences a moderate oceanic climate, like much of the British Islands, with warm summers and cold winters. There is normal but generally light rainfall throughout the year.

Visit Chinatown in the center of Manchester where you will see the Chinese Imperial Arch, constructed by engineers from Peking as a gift to the town. Manchester town Art Gallery on Moseley road will be of particular interest to art lovers. There are numerous monuments and figurines in strategic places in the town, and you can glimpse numerous of them on a walking tour. Take a visit to Collegiate Church to glimpse what medieval Manchester was like. Football, or soccer, followers should be certain to halt by the Manchester United Football Stadium. There are furthermore many sports undertakings like abseiling, hot-air ballooning and many other ones to take part in.

A visit to Trafford Centre, the biggest buying and leisure center in Europe is a wonderful know-how. It also has a huge dining locality where all the well-known fast-food franchises and food outlets have bistros. For a more exclusive upmarket buying experience, visit St. Ann's Arcade in the center of Manchester town. Many gift stores in Manchester offer souvenirs and presents at good charges. The cuisine in Manchester is mostly cosmopolitan, but ethnic cuisine is gladly available, such as at "The Old Man and Scythe" in the Bolton locality. Manchester is well renowned for its nightlife and party essence. Cotton's evening Club and Chicago Rock Cafe are worth a visit. But whatever you like to do on your holiday, you'll be pleased you registered an air travel to Manchester.     

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Lahore To Manchester


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