Lahore To Jeddah

Four Airlines companies including Saudi airlines, Albuquerque Airlines, Shaheen air International and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) offers twenty-four flights from Lahore to Jeddah in the entire week. Riyadh is considered as the most popular connection for stopover flights. The time duration of a flight from Lahore to Jeddah is five hours and thirty eight minutes (5hrs and 30mins). The flights that take-off from Allama Iqbal International Airport arrived at International Airport of Jeddah in the given period of time. Here at you can find complete flight schedule from Lahore to Jeddah.

PIA Jeddah Rs.63354
GULF AIR Jeddah Rs.67520
Qatar Airways Jeddah Rs.70302
Oman Air Jeddah Rs.84319
AIR BLUE Jeddah Rs.44219
ETHIAD Jeddah Rs.104734
GULF AIR Jeddah Rs.67520

Quick Tips on Flights to Jeddah

One of the delights of Jeddah is consuming out. Two different establishments are the world well known Al Baik and Casper&Gambini's. Al Baik has many parts and serves fried pullet and prawns KFC can't even contend with the taste and the location is always full with the customers. It is considered as the must do thing in Jeddah. Casper & Gambini's is a villa turned restaurant or a cafe and serves healthy food and a large selection of desserts. A large place to chill and rendezvous friend and very well liked with the juvenile crowd. If you want to fly to Jeddah at cheap flight rates just visit

Jeddah is renowned in the kingdom for its buying districts, restaurants and cafes. It furthermore hosts the waterfront area which is known as Jeddah Corniche, which is the biggest in the Kingdom with a large assortment of hotels, sandy shores and holiday resorts clustered around it. To the north of the city, a string of beach holiday resort mixtures are off-limits to the mutawwa and are known as party locations where numerous of the social mores of the rest of the homeland are flouted, especially by rich, liberal families from Jeddah. You can have a lot of fun in Jeddah if you have money in your pocket. A simple and easy way to save your money is to plan your trip to Jeddah with which can provide you best affordable flight to Jeddah.

A town well known for its varied cultures, breathtaking sandy shores, customary souks mirroring the localized customs, appealing folklore and mouthwatering traditional dishes. Spend a short break or a weekend on Jeddah’s coasts and relish the sunset and sunrise along with the sound of the rushing waves. Experience chronicled sites, souks, culture filled carnivals and events, and shop in large upscale commercial centers. The town that never dozes won’t permit you to doze from all the variety it boasts. To find out Jeddah you will have to sail its storming coasts, visit the luxurious Corniche, consume well liked seafood delicacies, relish majestic palaces, and chronicled and archeological landmarks.



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Lahore To Jeddah


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