Lahore To Islamabad

Travelling from Lahore to Islamabad might take approximately fifty five minutes (55mins) for reaching there. Pakistan International Airlines provide the tickets of voyaging from Lahore to Islamabad. Weekly twenty-seven (27) domestic flights of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) take-off from Lahore to Islamabad. This airline company is performing as a major hub of operating Flights from Lahore to Islamabad. Get air ticket cheap prices from Lahore to Islamabad.

PIA Islamabad Rs.16737

Quick Tips on Flights to Islamabad

Islamabad is known as one of the beautiful and attractive cities of Pakistan. It looks gorgeous because a lot a lot of hills and greenery around it. Here are many heritage enticements that can be discovered in and round of Islamabad, which include various galleries, a number of mosques and tombs, historical monuments, gardens, art colonnades and many other things. The Pakistan Museum of Natural History displays the past story of the country which is today considered as Pakistan, through an extensive assortment of demonstrations.

Located in the national reserve on flower bed Boulevard, it is perfectly located to display how the geology of the nation has established over the periods of time. Wildlife of the country and the early hominids are also depicted in the repository. In museum the entrance is free for all people and the hours of tour or visit the museum. The timings to visit the museum are from 9 am to 4 pm whereas the museum is close on Friday. The Faisal Mosque is one of the most well-known devout views in the town of Islamabad, and is one of the biggest mosques in the entire world. The building of the mosque started in the 1970’s, and took a decade to complete. The mosque opened to the public in 1986, and was utilized by the Islamic University.

Travelling from one city to another is now become an easiest procedure. With the passing time various ways are introduced to travel from one city to another. One may travel from Lahore to Islamabad in a very easiest way. If the individual is travelling by bus then it may take four hours and thirty minutes for reaching there. However the travel by airplane is the best way for reaching earlier.

Islamabad International airport:

Islamabad International Airport later named as Benazir Bhutto International airport is the third largest airport in Pakistan performing its duties for national as well as for International Flights. After reaching, you might easily be able to a hire a car or a taxi for reaching at your desired destination. Among all these things, the airport is also well-known because of its beauty. The International airport has a wide range of duty free shops, restaurants, Wifi service, and also has many other art and crafts shop. 


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Lahore To Islamabad


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