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Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Shaheen air international, Emirates airways and Airblue are the Airlines that can take you from Lahore to Dubai offering different fare packages and flight timings. Get booking f air ticket from Lahore to Dubai here. There are about 34 flights available in the whole week. After takeoff from Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore the flight covers air distance of 3662Km in just 3 hours and 15 min before landing at the Dubai International Airport. Find cheap flights from Lahore to Dubai at


AIR BLUE Dubai Rs.36672
EMIRATES Dubai Rs.56552
PIA Dubai Rs.37041
ETHIAD Dubai Rs.75160
GULF AIR Dubai Rs.58164
Shaheen Dubai Rs.35090
Saudi Arabian Airlines Dubai Rs.68717
Qatar Airways Dubai Rs.63844
Oman Air Dubai Rs.59840

Quick Tips on Flights to Dubai

Dubai-the most developed and modern city of UAE is not far away from you any further if you have your passport and Visa with you. You can plan your trip according to your will and budget as there are different fare packages available for you offered by different air lines. Choice of airline depends on your trip schedule and budget. While flying from Lahore you have four different airlines including Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Shaheen air international, Emirates airways and Airblue. You can fly with any of them after knowing the flight schedule from Lahore to Dubai. If you have no issues regarding fare your first priority should be PIA as it offers high quality luxurious services but usually at a relatively higher fare. If fare is not a concern for you but you want to travel during the daytime only Shaheen air would be the most appropriate for you. And of course for the sake of saving your money and travel at lower fare you can fly with Emirates airways and Airblue as well.

There are some significant things that you must know about the Dubai that is the most worth seeing city of the gulf. The difference of the time between Lahore and Dubai is -1 hour as time zone of Lahore is GMT +5 and that of Dubai is GMT +4. Currency of Dubai is Dirham. Dubai is a complete package for you as it comprises of a vast range of aspects that you must look for. You may find splendid hospitality and residence in world’s best hotels including Burj Al Arab that is the world’s tallest hotel and an ultimate luxury as well. Another thing you may go for is shopping as shopping in Dubai is really a fun as there are certain shopping malls that mesmerize you and your credit card too. Man-Made Islands, The beach and last but not the least The desert are the most popular eye catchers in Dubai that makes it amongst the world’s most worth visiting cities for sure. In order to make your Dubai journey even more beautiful, plan your trip at where you can find flights to Dubai at cheap flight rates.



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Lahore To Dubai


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