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Cheap flight booking from Lahore to Beijing may take approximately five hours and thirty minutes (5hrs and 30mins) for reaching there and the maximum distance between Lahore and Beijing is 2414 miles. Pakistan International Airlines offering most non-stop flights from Lahore to Beijing. Only one flight take-off from Lahore for Beijing in the entire week whereas the most famous destinations for stay between Lahore and Beijing is Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).


EMIRATES Beijing Peking Rs.118635
Qatar Airways Beijing Peking Rs.110460
Thai Air Beijing Peking Rs.118253
AIR CHINA Beijing Peking Rs.158239

Quick Tips on Flights to Beijing Peking

Beijing is considered as one of the most popular tourism destination for the visitors because Beijing is the main heritage center of China. A lot of people take a trip of the Dongcheng district because it has gorgeously maintained historical sites that designated day back to 13th years old. Dongcheng is also the main point of Tiananmen Square, the Lama Temple, and the Forbidden City. Other places of curiosity are Chongwen which is home to the Temple of paradise, and Haidian.

In the entire world Beijing is known as the main heritage and political center of China. International Airport of Beijing is the main hub for air travel to Beijing. This gigantic modern competence is almost 16 miles away from the center of the city. Bilingual signals in both Chinese and English languages make it very simple for travellers to find their way, but if the traveller need more help then there are data booths at every entrance point of Airport. Cash machines are accessible in the whole building, and you can furthermore find several cash changers if you need to change the currency. There are very quick nourishment restaurants in terminals 1 and terminal 2 as well as a coffee shop and ice-cream parlor.

The amazing thing about getting discounted tickets to Beijing is that you have some additional pouch cash to buy localized wares at markets like the Gongmei Emporium. This is the place where you can find attractive handmade batik apparel and wall hanging decorations as well as superb opera masks and gold jewelry. There are furthermore abounding of shops and cloth boutiques in the Xuanwu locality, which houses to the well-known Lao She Tea dwelling. Xaunwu furthermore boasts opera and drama performances at the Huguang Theatre and other locality characteristics numerous pubs and evening associations. You might also be able to attend the classical melodies live performances and promenade performances in the Xicheng and Dongcheng localities as well.




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Lahore To Beijing Peking


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