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There are more than two flights per day available on this route. PIA, Shaheen Air and Air Indus are the airlines operating on this route. Flight duration between Karachi and Multan is 1h 30m. You can analyze flight schedule from Karachi and can find out the flight with cheap

PIA Multan Rs.12924
Shaheen Multan Rs.12000

Quick Tips on Flights to Multan

Multan is a significant city in province of Punjab. The city is situated in the southern part of the province and possesses a huge importance in various aspects. The most famous reason for the importance of this city is that it has many well-known and respected holy personalities’ names associated with it. The city has got two rivers in its surroundings. Chenab River plays a role of border between Multan and Muzaffar Garh while the River Sutlej plays the same role separating this city of saints from Bahawalpur. If you want to visit this historic city you must make your trip on which is the leading online booking platform in the country. lets you find cheap flight from Karachi to Multan offered by various airlines. 

Multan is honored having so many Great saints buried in its soil. Mausoleum of Hazrat Baha-ud-Din Zakariya, Mausoleum of Shah Rukn e Alam, Mausoleum of Shah Shmas Sabzwari are some of the places that gives you a lot of spiritual satisfaction.

Multan-the city famous for its scorching hot weather, has so many places to watch out. Clock Tower, Walled City, Eidgah Mosque, Khooni Burj, Multan Arts Council, State Bank building, Baha-ud-din Zakariya University are some of the worth watching places in Multan. You should try to keep some with you in order to to spend it exploring the beauty of this marvelous city. For this purpose is the right platform for you as there you can find all the flight offering different flexible flight rates.



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Karachi To Multan


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