Karachi To Dubai

There are more than 5 flights take off daily from Jinnah International airport Karachi to Dubai International airport. PIA, Air Blue, Shaheen Air and Fly Dubai are the airlines offering direct flights between the two cities. Total flight duration is usually 2h 10m. You may find some cheap flights from Karachi to Dubai at as well.

AIR BLUE Dubai Rs.24296
EMIRATES Dubai Rs.45552
GULF AIR Dubai Rs.35900
Oman Air Dubai Rs.50340
Qatar Airways Dubai Rs.42104
GULF AIR Dubai Rs.40314
PIA Dubai Rs.32706
Shaheen Dubai Rs.26406
Saudi Arabian Airlines Dubai Rs.38038

Quick Tips on Flights to Dubai

Dubai is the most prominent city in the UAE and in the whole Gulf region as well. This flabbergasting city is not far from you anymore if you are done with all the legal requirements and formalities. allows you to schedule your trip to Dubai according to your budget. Here you can find different flight rates offered by different airlines. Selection of airlines is solely dependent on your schedule and financial resources.  Here at, you can find the complete flight schedule from Karachi to Dubai and can know the flight timings of PIA, Shaheen Air, Emirates airways and Air Blue as well. 

Before you reach Dubai and discover all its beauty and grace you should know quite a few things about this stunning city. Like all other gulf cities weather is extremely hot and in the day time it becomes just blazing hot. Though Dubai is a multicultural city and owns people from every part of the world, but still the most spoken language in the city is Arabic. Currency of UAE is dirham and Dubai has the same as well. Time difference between Dubai and Karachi is -1 hour as time zone of Karachi is GMT +5 and that of Dubai is GMT +4. So in simple words Dubai is 1 hour behind from Karachi.

Dubai has got enormous things for you that can just make you hold your nerves. There are so many places in this beautiful city which you must visit. One of the most prominent places in Dubai is Burj Khalifa which is right now the tallest building of the world. Another amazing place is Burj Al Arab that is a 7 seven star hotel and is considered to be the most expensive hotels in the world as well.  Man Made Islands is also a treat to watch place in Dubai which looks simply awesome. Being a coastal city Dubai has also got some beautiful beaches and amongst them Jumerah is the most famous one. You should try to save some money by fining flights from Karachi to Dubai in order to spend more for exploring this wonderful city.



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Karachi To Dubai


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