Islamabad To Quetta

Only 1 direct flight is available in the whole week that can take you from federal capital Islamabad to capital of Balochistan Quetta. PIA is the sole airline providing services between these two cities. Flight duration between Islamabad and Quetta is 1h 20m. You can find some cheap flight from Islamabad to Quetta as well as there are some connecting flights too that offers obviously relatively cheap fares.

PIA Quetta Rs.12924
Shaheen Quetta Rs.12800
AirIndus Quetta Rs.14440

Quick Tips on Flights to Quetta

Quetta is the capital city of Balochistan which is the largest province in the country. Quetta is famous for the various fruit orchards in and around it and this is the reason it is also recognized as fruit garden of Pakistan. Quetta is located at a high altitude and to be precise it is 1680 meters high above the sea level, this is the reason that makes Quetta country’s sole high-altitude prominent city. As per an estimation population of this city is around 1 million.

Quetta is also considered as a trade and communication Centre between Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan as it is situated in northern Balochistan which is very close to the Afghanistan and Iran border. Its geographical location makes it very important for Pakistan Armed Forces as well as it occupies an important strategic position in the region. Quetta has no physical or natural boundaries with all the cities located around it in different directions. 

Hanna Lake is the most famous tourist attraction in Quetta. It is a natural reservoir of water that contains the water coming from surrounding hills and mountains. Many people visit this lake during the holiday’s season. There is a lakeside restaurant as well that remains full with tourists during vacation periods and also boat hire facility is available for visitors as well.


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Islamabad To Quetta


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