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5 flights per week are available from Islamabad to Peshawar. PIA is the only airline operating between the two cities. Distance of 187Km is travelled in short duration of 40m. So if you want to fly from Benazir International airport Islamabad to Peshawar International airport PIA is the only choice for you. Check out the flight schedule from Islamabad to Peshawar at

Quick Tips on Flights to Peshawar

Peshawar is the capital and largest city of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Nowadays only PIA is offering direct flight from Peshawar to Lahore but there is Shaheen Air as well which offers a connecting flight staying in Muscat. But it is quite obvious that PIA will charge you a bit more than Shaheen. So if you are looking to find cheap flight rates from Islamabad to Peshawar you just have to visit

Peshawar is situated in a large valley near the eastern end of the Khyber Pass, quite near to the Pak-Afghan border. It is also praised as City on the Frontier, because its strategic location is quite crucial and has made it one of the most culturally vibrant and lively cities in the region. Peshawar is irrigated by various canals of the Kabul River and by its right tributary, the Bara River as well.

There are many exciting places in Peshawar so you should save some money by booking yourself an affordable flight rates from Islamabad to Peshawar to visit all these places. Governor's House, Karkhano Market, Peshawar Garrison Club, Durrani Graveyard are some of the most prominent places in the city. Kochi Bazaar, Qissa Khwani Bazaar are the famous markets in Peshawar. Another significant place to visit is Michni Check Post which is the last Pakistani border post before the Afghani border.

Peshawar is also famous for being the birth place and hometown of many Bollywood actors and still there are family homes of many actors that visit with a lot of excitement. The most prominent place in this regard is Kapoor Haveli which is the Residence of famous Bollywood actor Prithviraj Kapoor. Another historic and worth visiting place in Peshawar is Bala Hissar fort that is one of the most historic places of Peshawar. The name was given by the Pashtun King Timur Shah Durrani, who first used the fort as the winter capital of his empire, while the summer capital of the empire was Kabul.


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Islamabad To Peshawar

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