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PIA is the only airline operating between the two cities. There are 4 flights per week available. Distance of 542 Km is travelled in 1h 40m duration. All the flights taking off from Benazir International airport Islamabad land on Multan International airport. provides you detailed Cheap flight schedule and Rates from Islamabad to Multan

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Quick Tips on Flights to Multan

Multan is the most prominent city in the Southern Punjab. The city is famous for being the birth place of many saints and holy personalities who preached Islam in that region. The most famous saint of Multan is undoubtedly Fariduddin Ganjshakar who is also considered the first ever recognized poet of Punjabi language. Multan is separated from Bahawalpur by River Sutlej and from Muzaffar Garh the city is separated by Chenab River. You can find all the cheap flights from Islamabad to Multan by logging on to which is the leading online flight booking platform of Pakistan. 

Multan is the most important city of this part of province as all the major political activates of region take place in this city. Moreover city is also famous for its crops, particularly mangoes of Multan are famous worldwide and are exported to all over the world as well.

Another reason that makes Multan quite famous is its weather which remains very hot during summers. After arriving in Multan there are many places in the city that you must visit. Some prominent ones are Khooni Burj, state bank building, Eidgah Mosque, walled city and the most famous clock Tower as well.


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Islamabad To Multan


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