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If you travel by air from Islamabad to Lahore then it might take less than one hour to reach there. Twenty-five domestic flights of Pakistan International airlines (PIA) take-off from Islamabad for Lahore in the entire week. Get cheap ticket for Lahore from Islamabad. All these flights take-off from Islamabad International Airport which is also known as Benazir Bhutto International Airport. gives you complete flight schedule from Islamabad to Lahore.

PIA Lahore Rs.15604
Shaheen Lahore Rs.27800

Quick Tips on Flights to Lahore

Lahore is known as the capital of Punjab and considered as the second largest and residential city of the country. Due to rich history behind its back the city is considered as main cultural center of Punjab, Pakistan. Lahore is considered as the major economic, political and educational hub of Pakistan. The city is famous for the tourism as well because of the wide variety of historical buildings. Lahore is alternatively known as “Mughal City of Gardens” because of historical gardens and buildings in it. In order to fly to Lahore at low flight rates you just have to log on to

Lahore city is famous for National as well as for International tourism. Tourism in Lahore offers a wide range of places to visit, relish and revere. There are many historical buildings, gardens and monuments in Lahore that are the major attraction of the tourist who visit Lahore from the entire World. Tour to Lahore always considered as the major attraction of tourism for the people of Pakistan living in the other cities as well as for the people of other countries.

How to reach there?

The people who are interested in travel to Lahore for spending vacations, for tour or for some other reason than they have a chance to travel through various ways. They may travel by bus or through their own car. Another important way of travelling is by air. On our site you will get the best deals for Lahore. You can also book yourself a cheap flight from Islamabad to Lahore online by visiting


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Islamabad To Lahore


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