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Approx. flight distance between Islamabad and Jeddah is 3585Km and mostly travelled in around 5h 20m. There are 12 flights per week available on this route. PIA ticket price from Islamabad to Jeddah, Shaheen Air and Air Blue are the Pakistani airlines operating between Islamabad and Jeddah. You can find complete flight schedule from Islamabad to Jeddah at


PIA Jeddah Rs.65024
GULF AIR Jeddah Rs.67520
AIR BLUE Jeddah Rs.63599
Oman Air Jeddah Rs.43804
Qatar Airways Jeddah Rs.70302

Quick Tips on Flights to Jeddah

Jeddah is the main sea port and very important city of Saudi Arabia. The city is situated on the coast of Red sea and is considered one of the major metropolis in the country as well. It is part of Makkah province. Jeddah is considered the second-largest city in KSA and is also the largest city of Makkah province as well. In order to find cheap flights from Islamabad to Jeddah you just have to visit

Jeddah hosts millions of people every year who come to perform Hajj. Jeddah plays a vital role in the whole Hajj process as its geographical location makes it a gateway to Makkah which is undoubtedly the most holy and divine place for Muslims.

Jeddah exhibits the almost same weather as many other sea ports in this part of the world has. Temperature in the afternoon can range from 15 °C (59 °F) at dawn to 28 °C (82 °F). While summer temperatures are really very hot and most of the times it goes above  43 °C (109 °F) mark in the daytime and dropping to 30 °C (86 °F) after sunset. 

You can visit many exciting places in Jeddah .KAU Football stadium, King Abdullah stadium and King Fahad’s fountain are some of the most prominent worth seeing places in Jeddah. Moreover there are many huge and big shopping centers where you can shop all of your desired stuff too. 

King Abdullah stadium, King Fahad’s fountain and KAU football stadium are some of the noticeable places in Jeddah. Besides these worth visiting places there are various awesome shopping malls in Jeddah as well where you can buy all the stuff that you want. So if you would be able to book yourself an affordable flight from Islamabad to Jeddah by visiting, you can spend more on your shopping.



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Islamabad To Jeddah


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