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The Flights from Islamabad to Bradford take maximum twenty-three hours and twenty-three minutes (23hrs and 23mins) for arrival at Bradford International Airport with three stops in the other country. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is playing a magnificent role in providing flights from Islamabad to Bradford whereas two flights fly from Islamabad to Bradford in the entire week. Find all the cheap flights from Islamabad to Bradford at

Qatar Airways Bradford Rs.180085
EMIRATES Bradford Rs.204657

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Bradford lies at the heart of City of Bradford which is a metropolitan borough of West Yorkshire in Northern England. Bradford is considered as one of the amazing tourism destination for the tourists from the entire world. If you visit Bradford then you definitely have a great deal of choices for enjoying in the country. The major tourist attractions in Bradford are Museums, cinemas, Theatres, Shopping malls, art galleries, National media museum, Impression Gallery and the most important Bradford Industrial Museum.

With all these gorgeous attractions there are also many other notable landmarks to watch in Bradford including UNESCO World heritage site, solitaire, and Salt mill. Bradford is furthermore well known for its ethnic diversity and its many and nationally renowned curry dwellings where some of the country's finest Anglo-Asian cuisine can be savored in a variety of establishments extending from little cafes and take-away to large restaurants. 

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Islamabad To Bradford


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