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Every week four flights take off from Islamabad International Airport for Birmingham offering different flight rates. The maximum duration for reaching Birmingham from Islamabad is approximately eight hours and thirty minutes (8hrs and 30mins). Pakistan International Airlines is playing an administrative role in offering cheap airfare from Islamabad to Birmingham. If the traveler takes the stopover flight for Birmingham then it might take maximum thirteen hours and forty minutes for reaching there (13hrs and 30mins). 


PIA Birmingham Rs.55699
EMIRATES Birmingham Rs.101451
ETHIAD Birmingham Rs.106273

Quick Tips on Flights to Birmingham

Birmingham is an alert, alert town which boasts some of the best nightlife in the UK. possibly this is because all the bars, restaurants and pubs are in such close proximity to each other; perhaps it is because the city brags 3 Universities, which means lots of easy-going, party-hard students out on the village; or possibly it is because you can apprehend a taxi anywhere round the centre for less than £5. Either way, Birmingham understands how to display you a good time.

If you are travelling to the centre point of the city Birmingham, there are more quality Indian bistros to be found. In order to spend more money for other purposes you should try to save money on your flights. is providing you a superb facility of online flight booking. 

Here you can find all the cheap flights from Islamabad to Birmingham as well.

Carnival Balti in the Arcadian centre is affordable and offers really delicious food prepared food and assisted in the customary way, a rather revitalizing change from many of the city centre Indian restaurants that have regrettably lost their authenticity by trying to become too cosmopolitan. It has been said that cosmopolitan isn't all awful. Shimla Pinks on Broad road is up to date and luckily has the right grade of pretentious cooling to make you desire to step interior, rather than threaten you to stroll away.

For something different, try Cafe Lazeez in the Mail slot. Cafe Lazeez is vitally an Indian eatery but do not anticipate your typical dish Korma here. The nourishment is very light and healthy. If you are after a broad, loading, customary curry, prepared food in a tandoori baking oven, served with pleasant large-scale buttery naan bread, you may be let down. However, if you love curry, but want to gaze at certain thing other than flocked wallpaper, give Lazeez a try. There are an outstanding range of cocktails at the bar, where you can sit and delay whilst they hold your table for you. Your table, accidentally, will be in a nice way concealed behind beautiful crystal-effect beads suspending from the ceiling, giving a genuine feeling of privacy while you are dining. 


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Islamabad To Birmingham


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