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Bus Service From Peshawar To Mardan

Mardan is just 623 Km distant from Peshawar. It takes only 43 min to reach Mardan from Peshawar. There are many intercity bus services operating on this short route but Daewoo express, Niazi express and Karachi Coach Service are the most prominent. 

Mardan is a city and headquarters of Mardan District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Mardan is a federation of a number of small towns coming together to form a large city. Mardan valley was part of the ancient Gandhara civilization but at that time the name Mardan and Mardan City was not constructed, instead Gandhara civilization consisted of small sub-kingdoms at the hill tops of Jamal Garhi, Shahbaz Garhi and Thakhat Bahi. The ruins of these cities still exist. Mardan City foundation was laid down by Saint Ali Mardan Shah in about in 11th – 12th century A.D. His shrine is at Jalala. His son Zamin Shah Baba was also a saint, buried in Mardan Cantt.

The area constituting Mardan district is a part of the Peshawar valley, which first appears in history as part of the Gandhara kingdom. The valley saw the revival of Brahmanism after the Greeks took over in the time of King Mehanda. The Scythians followed and retained control of the valley till the 7th century AD.

The city has a number of monuments. Bacha Khan Monument is a minar at College Square as symbol of Pashtun culture. The Minar is in modern type construction, starting from a rose petal type design at base with lighted fountains. The monument is sixty feet high from ground level with ten feet basement.
The summer season is extremely hot. A steep rise of temperature occurs from May to June, and July, August and September record high temperatures. During May and June dust storms are frequent at night. The temperature reaches its maximum in the month of June i.e. 41.5 °C. Due to intensive cultivation and artificial irrigation, the area is humid.
Popular foods are Rice, beef cooked as chapli kabab, seekh kabab, tikkai, and kahwa (green tea). A tandoor (oven) for baking bread is present in many houses. Most of the people like Cholay (Chick pea) and Lobya (beans), Saag and Rotai of Juwar (maize) is liked by a lot of people.

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Peshawar To Mardan By Bus

354 Km
3 Hrs 30 Mins

The above estimates are for M2 Motorway route.

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