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  • Daewoo Express 042-111-007--008 1000 Near Kalma Chowk, Ferozpur Road Lahore
  • Niazi Express 042-111-22-99-99 650 Niazi Adda, Band Road Lahore

Bus Service From Lahore To Mianwali

Distance between Lahore and Mianwali is around 337 km and can be easily travelled in just 4.5 hours. Daewoo Express, Niazi Express, Faisal Movers, Bilal Daewoo, Skyways are some of the famous inter-city bus services operating on this route. Fares of each differ with each other based on luxury and comfort provided in the bus. 

Mianwali is the capital city of Mianwali District. The most dominant tribes of Mianwali are Niazis and Awans. Most of the Awans also write Malik as their last name. Awans usually link themselves with Potohari Punjabi identity while Niazis associate themselves with Seraiki identity of South Punjab regions.

Mianwali District was used to be an agricultural land with forests during the Indus Valley Civilization. According to history of Mianwali, the Vedic period is defined by Indo-Aryan culture that invaded from Central Asia and settled in Punjab region. In 997 CE when Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi took over the Ghaznavi dynasty empire established by his father, Sultan Sebuktegin, in 1005 he conquered the Shahis in Kabul in 1005, and followed it by the conquests of Punjab region. 

In Pakistan Movement all the Muslim population supported Muslim league. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the minorities comprising of Hindus and Sikhs migrated to India while the Muslim refugees from India settled in the Mianwali district.
The city has an FM radio station (FM 93) and some other prominent places including municipal library called Professor Muhammad Feroz Shah Library, sports complex, and hockey stadium. There are various educational institutions from elementary to post-graduate level as well. Mianwali also possesses an honor to be home to Namal College, a University of Bradford accredited institute providing quality higher education to underprivileged youth of not only Mianwali but the whole country.

Company name




Daewoo Express

(042) 111-007-008



Niazi Express

(042) 111-22-99-99



Faisal Movers

(042) 111-22-44-88







Bilal Daewoo

(042) 111-287-444 



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Lahore To Mianwali By Bus

354 Km
3 Hrs 30 Mins

The above estimates are for M2 Motorway route.

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