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  • Daewoo Express 042-111-007--008 700 Near Kalma Chowk, Ferozpur Road Lahore
  • Niazi Express 042-111-22-99-99 400 Niazi Adda, Band Road Lahore
  • Sky Ways 042-37470241-43 400 Skyways Bus Terminal, Band Road Lahore

Bus Service From Lahore To Jhang

Daewoo Express, Niazi Express, Faisal Movers, Bilal Daewoo, Skyways are the most noticeable transport companies operating between Lahore and Jhang. Usually distance of 254 Km is travelled in 3h 20m. You can travel with any of these cities as per your schedule and suitable fare.

Jhang is the capital city of Jhang District in the province of Punjab. It is situated on east bank of the Chenab River. Jhang has a very old and ancient history as well. The most famous and powerful rulers of Jhang was Sial and due to this reason Jhang was known as Jhang Sial too. Sials gave destiny to nouls and ruled this place. After centuries when English attacked on sub-continent there monarchy was destroyed and a political set up was launched. Here are many basic castes living including Sials, Nouls, Baloch, Khokhar, Mohal and many other castes. The Sial caste has also sub castes like Sanpal, Sargana, Bhabhnana, Haraj, Patuana, Buduana, Maghiana and many others.

Climate of Jhang has extreme summer and extreme winter like most areas of Pakistan, it has four seasons. While Monsoon showers in months of June, July, August and September. Temperature usually falls below zero in extreme winter.
The native language is Punjabi, with the Jhangvi dialect primarily spoken. Urdu is also spoken in educational institutions.
Punjabi folk dances such as Jhummar and Sammi originated in Jhang District. The district also originated a well-known form of folk music known as "Dhola", or "Jhang da Dhola". Another important dance in Jhang is called "Dharees", a traditional folk dance on weddings or other parties.

Company name




Daewoo Express

(042) 111-007-008



Niazi Express

(042) 111-22-99-99



Faisal Movers

(042) 111-22-44-88







Bilal Daewoo

(042) 111-287-444 



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Lahore To Jhang By Bus

354 Km
3 Hrs 30 Mins

The above estimates are for M2 Motorway route.

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  • Daewoo Express
  • Niazi Express
  • Sky Ways
  • Bilal Travels
  • Faisal Movers
  • Abdullah Travels

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